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United Kingdom
Name: Aimee

Prefers to be called: Aimee, Aimz, Indigo, Indi

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship status: In a relationship with a very amazing person~

Gender: Female

Location: Durham, England

Zodiac sign: Aries

Loves: Role-playing, Anime, Reading, Cooking

Favorite Animes: *Look at meh Gallery*

Home of~
Gabriella Vargas by ExelionStar by NightmareIndigo
Kita Amai (Shugo Chara OC draft thing) by NightmareIndigo
Paint Tool Sai Pratice using Kuroshitsuji OC by NightmareIndigo
OHSHC OC- Antoinette Labelle by NightmareIndigo
And Marie!
Marie Miharu, Fairy Tail OC (Remake) by NightmareIndigo

RP Open by StickieBun13
DA stamp - Roleplays 003 by tppgraphics

Old account :iconiluvvio98:
RP account: :icongabriella-vargas: Rarely used to be honest
ID made by- :iconbrokendeadmemories:


Entertain me (Kuroshitsuji OC Bio) by NightmareIndigo
Entertain me (Kuroshitsuji OC Bio)

Name: Lady Viola Maria de Borbón Salisbury 

Age: 14

Birthday: June 28th, 1875 (Not many people know when her birthday is)  

Personality:Childish (On occasion), Quite boyish,very insistent on person space, intelligent, but mostly quiet. 

Betrothal/Crush: She has a slight crush on Alois Trancy 

Demon: Odile (Created and owned by :iconbrokendeadmemories:)

Contract sign position: The front of her neck

Bio/History: The eldest daughter of a successful business man,who only became a Lord through money, Viola grew up in an extremely wealthy family. She barely knows her father and her Mother is nearly always away on fashion trips, taking her little sister on the trip as well, meaning that she''s usually alone in the mansion. Even when her family is home they usually ignore her, giving most of their attention to her sister. She doesn't care for female fashion so she wears boy's clothes, claiming they give her more freedom. She keeps her hair short for the same reason. Most days she brings it upon herself to learn how to run the family's trading and passenger liner company, she's determined to surpass her sister at something. She blames her misfortune on her Father's business partner's, friends and family members, who, when she was born, claimed she was useless since her eyes are two different colours, saying that nobody wanted a child with strange eyes. Because of this, she believes her parents gave up on her.

Extra Info~
~Viola is extremely flexible,since she has hypermobility, this helps a lot when she's scaling the trees in the gardens but it also means she can hurt herself a lot easier than a normal person.

~Viola has a large amount of scars on the tops of her legs and stomach, she's incredibly ashamed of them.

~She is very talented at playing the piano, with not many people being in the manor, she can play to her heart's content without disturbing anyone.

~She's also very talented at learning foreign languages, she'll often slip into a completely different language without noticing. 

~She's exceptionally good at knife throwing, She taught herself for 'protection'.

~She has a pretty weak immune system, meaning that she can get ill more easily. 

~She's talented in using herbs, she can make small herbal remedies. 

~She's half Spanish on her Mother's side, she was raised in Spain by her Grandmother and has only lived in England for a few years.

~She has a tiny fear of dogs.

~She holds the title of Duchess of Villena in Spain.

~She's also related to the Spanish Royal Family.

Family Coat of arms:…

Mother and sister:…


I'm pretty proud of this c: I love the fact I always make the shading completely different from the original anime XD 

Roleplays Wanted!

Reference: Alois from Black Butler II


The Second Child by NightmareIndigo
The Second Child
Quick, terrible title-
As you can probably tell, this is more Paint Tool Sai practice and I needed to do a character design, so this was created XD This is another son of my Kuroshitsuji OC, I used another reference image for this because I'm still working out the program >.> Anyway, hope you like him!

Feliciano Alfonso de Borbón(c):iconnightmareindigo:
Reference: Ciel Phantomhive, Kuroshitsuji 
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